life’s rhythm

God is our father, yes I believe..
He’s wonderful plans for His children. Throughout in history, no sooner have our needs arisen than He has responded to them. From the beginning, all He created He created in harmony and with order. Since then His gifts have been such that they help and encourage us to re-establish and maintain this order in our lives. God’s gifts give rhythm to our lives. It is this rhythm, the rhythm of life, that binds heaven and earth, man and nature, human and the Divine together in harmony, fulffilling the world so often uttered: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Perhaps, on the other hand, you believe that God created the world, and the universe, and indeed all things, and that He created them in an orderly fashion with harmony and rhythm. Why don’t we apply this truth to our lives?

Let’s begin to live what we believe. let’s discover the rhythm of life.
The rhythm of life leads to the satisfaction of the deepest desires of our hearts, which is the fulfilment of thee will of God. The fruits of this alone are peace, Joy, happiness,an increase ability to love, and an increased ability to be loved.

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