Natural Feelings

Some times I sit to imagine if such girl, better still such lady does exist. And also wonders if one can actually get a true love (relationship) via the internet or social networks without any iota of faked personality and playing on one’s emotions. This short story is about my encounter with a beautiful lady I met via the BlackBerry Messenger, popularly called BBM. Her name is Prom(nick name).

The social network, though a free world where one can get the most beautiful and handsome being on earth, but its a home full of real being with fake identity and trickery personality. I have personally had encounter with most of them. Guys fake to be ladies, using different pictures of beautiful ladies and ladies in turn do same to get preys. And I wonder what kind of people fall into their hands. Well, if I may conclude, their victims are desperate people. Now seems the story is taking another shape. That’s Just a tip on the internet fake relationship.

It all started sometimes in 2012 on the first day of February, precisely at night of that Wednesday. I saw a blinking red light alert on my blackberry phone, indicating that I’ve a message on my bbm. I rushed at the phone, and it was a message from Fide(not real name) who said she needed to tell me something, I gave her the attention needed, because no such message had ever come from her. Fide hardly talk much on this forum, but on this day, she was engrossed. In the conversation as well as I did. Here goes the conversation:

Fide: Hey, are u there?I wanna tell you something.

Fide: PING

Me: sup luv, how’s u and studies?

Fide: I’m fine dear, and you?

Me: I’m doing great o. So, what’s up?

At this point, I was eager to know what Fide has for me. And therefore prompted her to talk on.

Fide: There’s this my friend who likes you o

Me: like me? How?

Fide: she saw your picture as my display pix and she demanded for your pin.

Me: hah! Alright, give her then… There’s no problem in that.

Fide: alright….

I then asked few questions about the girl in question. Her name is Prom, Fide said. I waited for few hours after the chat, but no message requesting me for friendship. I was checking my phone frequently to see if I got any friend request without an alert,, which is not possible, because I already customized my setting for such. Having waited to no avail, I had to ping back Fide to request for the Lady’s pin, which she gave me without any hesitation.

I sent her a request which was accepted in the morning of the following day……. BINGO! I screamed.

As if we’ve been waiting for each other for year, it seems. For me, I’ve been waiting since yesterday night. We got the conversation started as I broke the ice.

Me: sup Prom. I’m Fide’s friend and I’m sure you’re her friend’s too,therefore we are friends.

Prom: yes dear.. Thanks.

We got talking and something in me got me convinced that we are going to make a good couple in the future. Everything went on fine as we got closer and we exchanged phone numbers. For that first day, she confessed that I made her day as she showed her gratitude through frequent calls she put through and I did same in reciprocal.

A week later, we had already started dating, though we’ve not seen in reality, but seems as if we’ve known for years. We trusted ourselves now as we share issues that were suppose to be secrets. Because we are no longer strangers but lovers. We proffered love talks to each other and get intimate as we even discussed our past relationships and our previous sexual escapades.

We both thanked Fide individually for the connection. Now, a month in our relationship via the electronic media (phone calls, bbm, twitter, Facebook), we decided too see in reality, which I was too go to Abeokuta, in Ogun state to meet my lover in reality for the first time.

The journey was so smooth and “enjoyed” as we drove through major towns, Aba, Onitsha, Asaba, Benin, Ore, … “here I come” I screamed in my heart. My long awaited woman was already waiting for my arrival at Sea-Breeze Hotel, one of the best in town. From the park I got a taxi straight to the hotel. Ota town is beautiful, the town which housed the family of one of the former president of Nigeria.

Wow! Here I come. I caught someone stealing glances through one of the windows in one of the rooms in the hotels. I guessed that’s my lover and host. I had already seen her face(s) in pictures during our beginning. I settled the Taxi man, which he wished me well on my adventure, because I had already told him my mission here in town. Straight to the reception and the beautiful receptionist told me to locate suite 101, after my inquiry. Room 101, I chorused over and over again….. Yes! I got it. A gentle knock on the door, pushed the door open. Waaooooooooooow! She screamed…. The next thing I realized was we were on ourselves…. The kisses …caressing…. And hmmmmmm….. I had a deep sigh and confessed……. ” She’s real” . I love her.

Three months later we did our church wedding, and now blessed with a beautiful daughter, Doreen. What a natural feelings.

Posted by ODIN G.A


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