Mrs Independence

To all my Naija young ladies seeking 4 emancipation in d society dominated by men, All u need do first of all is to free urself from “male pocket” slavery. At times I wonder what’s d essence of ur packed up degree(s) and its equivalents, which in d end u end up serving n a man’s kitchen, and u think u can fight 4 equality 4rm there. Quite a number of girls after graduation seek for a guy who’s wealthy and well influential to hook up wif so as 2 have a “secured” future.

My dear, u cannot rely on any man and seek 2 equate urself with such man, no way!!!. Just get equipped. Wif education, and/Or other necessary means of survival. Be best /good at what u do, believe n urself and stand on ur feet. 4rm there, u are sure of a better future 4 urrseelf, emancipation 4rm man’s bank account and an equal society with the men folks. This is a Piece of my mind 2 my Naija sisters .

Posted by ODIN G.A


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