“My Lagos”

Could this be my Lagos
That once be a cross?
A city of hustlers
Packed With hunters
Touch of modernism
Where all sundry in a prism.

Oh, mighty city of Eko,
you are wonderful to behold–
Your buildings are magnificent
the truth be it told–
They were the only thing
that seemed to arrest my eye,
Never aware of thy ghetto and slum

My Lagos of no fall
Eko of Akate for all
Living is by neck of thy citizens
Striving all out of seasons
With a huge reason
Still no proud yield
All corners be market
My Eko of all.

Eko, the ilu of ogbon
Where politicians promised Helmet
And in end chase okada
Little wonder the return of crime
Of robbery, old gbomogbomo
Citizens in enjoyable pain
Oh! my eko, long time eko
The official breeding of agbero
And promotion of toutism
Eko akete, which I once loved
But now lost…

Goddey ’12

Posted by ODIN G.A


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