Religious Genocide

Beast of no place
In God’s name it came
To satisfy Him it claims
Draws blood in joyful mood
And needs seven virgins like food
Take them with its, innocent lives as fees.

Genocide, religious genocide
A race of Christian in stride
A race of saints in pains and pleads
Tore apart in one piece of peace
Where solace is sought as need.

Seeks for peace in piece
unjustified needs I see
Paints all saints in blood with bomb
With intention un stationed
Spray all saints in Allah’s name

Allah And God, difference in name?
Whose side thou art, o deadly beast?
Lure lads with seven virgins atleast
In heavens which thou know not.
O’beast O’beast, le’me thy face see

Thou disguised as me
Rip each innocent hearts out in mean
with weapons made in god’s name.
What becomes of thee by day
O faceless beast of no place?

Posted by ODIN G.A


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