Just a Night

Phase one

It’s 4:30 pm on a Friday, Raphael was reading with full concentration and dedication at the medical complex of the University of Benin for his examination, which would begin in a week time. He was so engrossed with one of the courses, that seemed a strong nut to crack that he never heard his phone rang. A beautiful young girl who sat two rolls behind Raphael came straight to him and angrily said… “Hey guy, didn’t you hear your phone ring?”… “My phone rang?” Raphael asked as he ransacked his jean’s pocket and brought out his phone. “Oh thanks, I didn’t hear it ring,” he said. “But you shouldn’t have approached me in such a rude manner,” he said to the girl as she turned and took a step to move away. “How did I approach you?” she asked without looking back at Raphael, rather hissed and moved angrily back to her seat.

Raphael still glued to his seat now looked wearily over his books. He has been on the seat for about four hours reading. He flipped open his phone to call back the caller. It was Jodi. “Hello, who is on the line, please…?” Raphael asked “oh! Raphael, it’s Jodi, I have tried calling you several times, but no response. Where are you?” Jodi asked abruptly. “I have been in medical complex reading. And you, where you at?” Raphael replied. “I am in the hostel.

There is a party in town which I am sure you will love to attend.” Jodi said with an assurance that Raphael would never despise the idea. Everyone knew he was a party freak. “I shall be with you right away,” he said and abruptly ended the call. Hastily, he packed his books and moved away.

Almost at the door, he looked back and caught the girl glancing at him. “Let me meet her anyway,” he thought. He majestically moved towards the girl who then pretended to be reading. “Hello angel Gabriella,” he said teasingly. “… and who told you my name?” she asked with a surprised look. Oh!

Is your name angel? No, Gabriella… Wow! I just said it. Raphael said. He went further to asked for her name and she told him the same. Please be serious, he demanded. No joke, the girl who now smiled to reveal her opened teeth replied. Alright! My name is Raphael. Thanks for the other time and I am sorry for the embarrassment. I wasn’t embarrassed, she said. Anyway, as you can see, I am still reading and you are through with yours. Sorry! He said. I would love to meet you again. He demanded as he flipped his phone opened and stretched his hand to hand over his phone. She typed her phone number and immediately, he flashed her number. I shall call you later. “Whatever!” she replied, as she looked at Raphael walked through the front door. She stared continuously until Raphael’s image became too small for her sight. Some minutes later after Raphael had left, Gabriella’s phone rang, she brought out her phone, and it was Tonia.

“Hello Tonia, what’s up with you?” from the other end, Tonia replied with a sonorous voice, “I’m good, hope you are too.” “Yeah, I’m fine too”… “Where are you?” Tonia asked “I’m at the medical complex reading” “wow! Serious student… na only you wan pass?” she teased her… “Is there any problem?” Gabriella asked, having it in mind that something must have been fishing for the call from Tonia was unusual. It’s now 5:05 pm. “Yeah! There is a lot dear. There is a big party up town, somewhere in G.R.A, at the popular FUN TIME, some big babes are taking me there, and I don’t know if you would love to go with me. Would you?” Tonia asked modestly. “Hmmmmm… though I need to cover some pages, let me see if I can make it. And by the way, when is the party?” “10 pm till dawn,” Tonia replied immediately. “Then, I will meet you in the room in thirty minutes.” By now, Gabriella had already lost concentration. Like Raphael, Gabriella is also a party freak, but with cautions and hardly went uninvited. Raphael invited or not go to any party, as far as it’s going to be groovy. Tonia is a close friend and a room mate to Gabriella. Well known for her dedication to the Christian activities. She is a dedicated member of one of the well-known Christian students’ fellowships on campus.

She is also a soloist in the Fellowship’s choir. She has a sweet and sonorous voice, which could go for a nightingale. She is so calm that when in the midst of her brethren she bend her knees down in humility to exchange pleasantries with her superiors in fellowship. She lived an opposite life to the “born again” when in the midst of her friends and portray pilfer behaviour and promiscuous way of life.

Gabriella got to the room and dashed to the bathroom being shared by other occupants in the hostel; she hastily took her bath and rushed to the room with same speed she went to the bathroom. On getting to the room, she met Tonia already dressed. “You need to make it fast, Gabriella, some girls are waiting to take us down in their cars,” Tonia said. Almost immediately, she asked who the girls were. Tonia was no longer there to answer her. She had quickly dashed to the next room to pick some needed accessories from her course mate, Kemi who happened to be her childhood friend from home.  Some minutes later, Gabriella was already done with her dressing. She was looking gorgeous and breath taking. Her room mates complimented her out fit. She felt good in it.

Gabriella and Tonia met at the staircase and walked down to the popular hall two holding hands as lovers. They both dressed in skimpy, mini skirt and a vest like a top with a tiny strap, but covered their attractive appearance with a gown to avoid many eyes that may get glued to them. They met other girls at the car park and they hop into the car like kids. There were other three good looking and sexy girls in the car, which includes the girl at the driver seat, Clara, who happened to be Tonia’s friend and a choir member in her fellowship. Rumour had it that Clara is dating their choirmaster and the fellowship student pastor, with both ignorances of Clara’s game. They zoomed off to G.R.A, which the popular FUN TIME is located. Getting to G.R.A, Clara suggested they should stop by at a bar and get a bit tipsy before they get into the venue. They all nodded in agreement to the idea, except Gabriella who had phobia for alcoholic drinks, ‘cos she felt heavily tipsy whenever she took such drink, no matter the quantity, she dare not thirst it, except in rare occasions and whenever she needed it for a romantic purpose with her boyfriend  Cobra, who is a sex maniac and a drug addict. Due to Cobra’s addiction to drugs, their sexual and social escapades, Gabriella became fed-up with the relationship and demanded a break-up. She never needed her boyfriend’s approval before she walked out of the relationship, which was leading her to hell, she thought.

At the Genito bar owned by a popular drug baron, Gabriella, Tonia, and their friends sat at a round table at the bar and ordered for their chosen brand. A bar attendant came immediately he sighted gorgeous looking girls taking their seat. All eyes at the bar were of the girls who looked like devil incarnate from the marine world to devour the earth, steal and destroy the sons of men. Especially the lady who looked more or less the leader of the gang, Clara, she was  standing out in her “bum short.” That’s panties she’s putting on, one of the men at the bar commented. Their faces were not welcoming to anyone at the bar, as they were there to-just-get elevated in their spirit, with their destination in their mind. A green short hat goes for a swimming brazier, was won on top her bum short to fit her high shoe, with a tiny heel. Big time classic babe, a drunkard yelled from the bar stand, near the TV, some meters away from the girls. “Get me three bottles of small stout, vodka, and one energy drink”, Clara ordered hers. The other girls and Tonia followed suit, ordering theirs.

Gabriella demanded a non-alcoholic drink and all other girls looked at her with contempt and laughed loudly at her demand. Immediately, Tonia on her behalf demanded small stout and an energy drink. The bar staff left their sight hastily and moved straight to the bar stand to get their demands.  Tonia convinced Gabriella not to worry about being drunk; after all, there is an available car to take them back to the hostel. A minute later, the attendant got their drink and Clara asked for the bill. “Seven thousand, five hundred naira”, he answered. Clara brought out eight thousand naira from her purse and asked the young man to keep the change. “Thank you, ma’am, he said and left smiling.”

They got engrossed with their conversation on their different adventure with different men of high class and their “sugar daddies.” Clara’s voice was loudest as they were beginning to get really drunk. They mixed their drinks with the vodka and the energy drink. She told them about her latest date with a white Lebanese contractor with one of the American constructing company in Nigeria. Moreover, how she had sex with the man in a hotel, drugged him and carted away with his one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which he used part of it to get herself a CRV Jeep. They all praised her for her smartness and laughed loudly at every little joke she said, funny or not. Gabriella, who now feels a little tipsy, was still in her right senses and demanded another drink. They all demanded same as a challenge.  More drinks, Clara screamed. The drinks were brought to their table and they all got drunk but behaved themselves as they were about to leave the bar. Clara settled the remaining bill, and they all staggered to the car. Gabriella checked her silver wristwatch. “It’s now, 11:30 pm.” She said calmly. “11 what?” Clara asked… “What a perfect time,” she said as she reversed her car out of the parking space and zoomed off. They were all excited in the car as Clara slot in one of Terry G’s album. Her favorite was “Akpako master”… the girls now in high spirit sang along the voice and hit from the speakers… “… make I knack you akpako…” Now driving on the popular Ihana road, Clara drove roughly. She looked through the rare view mirror and saw a police van behind her; this prompted her to slow down. The police men came closer, took a close look at all the persons in the car, within them, they concluded that they are all girls, “maybe going to a party,” one of them said.

The police officers decided to trail them to where ever the girls’ final destination might be. Clara observed their move and maintained her pace of driving.  “These eke people they follow us o,” Clara informed other girls. “We are there already.” She said as she took a sharp turn into the parking slot through the wide opened gate. “All man for himself till after the party,” She said and the girls repeated same as a form of approval. They did their final touch of makeup and walked down the party hall together. Though drunk, pretended not to be, as they walked majestically to the hall. Some fellows hung outside in twos and in-groups. Some with bottles of beer, cigarette, others either having a discussion or dancing to the sound of music escaping through the windows from the hall, while others were there for the purpose of selling their goods, cigarette, weed, drinks and rendering other needed services. There, also in attendance were some pimps standing by to supply girls to their clients waiting in near by hotels and guests houses.  One needed no one to tell him or her that there is a “big-time” party going on here.  Also, among those standing outside were Raphael, Jodi, and Cryon to take some drinks before storming the hall, in words of Cryon. Cryon had invited Raphael and Jodi for the party. According to Cryon, the party was just a get together
> organized by a group of friends on campus who called themselves “The Mighty.” The group is made-up of ten people, six boys and four girls whom their parents are influential politicians in the society, both in the state and in federal level of politics. Cryon is one of them.

Phase two

Raphael be held someone that seemed familiar. “hey guys, that girl looks familiar to me, it’s just that I can’t remember where I saw her” he said as he ventured heading towards the girls, but was held back by Cryon, “you will meet them in the hall”, Cryon assured Raphael. “That should be Gabriella, “he thought, as he gingered his friends to go inside the hall. By now, he was losing his patience to be sure the person he saw was Gabriella. “Who’s Gabriella?” Jodi asked. “It was a girl I met when I was reading in the medical complex.” “Alright, we are good to go, Cryon said as he put off the red light from his cigarette.   Raphael adjusted his collar and dabbed his face with a handkerchief as they moved to the hall.

There were about sixty persons in the hall to grace the occasion. A coordinated sound of music emanated from the Dj’s stand as he changes one compact disc one after the other with style. At the insertion of new music, almost everyone shouts in response as praise to the Dj’s effort in making the hall hot and groovy. The girls were already catching their fun; Raphael now had a close glance at Gabriella and confirmed she was the one. Someone was already hooked with her, but Raphael never relented as he danced towards approaching her, Cryon and Jodi watched as Raphael progressed. “Hello, Gabriella” Raphael shouted, he felt he needed to shout to be heard. Gabriella who was now elevated in spirit and already engrossed with the dance noticed Raphael as she wondered who could have called her name but could not recognise him at the initial. Raphael called out again. Now, she turned and faced Raphael with her arse glued to her dancing partners below his waist. Her heart skipped a beat when she now realised it was Raphael. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I should be asking you?… anyway, I can see you are having a nice moment.” He promptly said as he excused himself. His aim was to be sure it was her, which he achieved.

On a “dancing -walk” in search for his friends, a girl approached him, it was Heidi, Clara’s friend and one of the girls he had met on his way to the hall. Heidi excused him for a dance and in exchange, he gave her a very warm smile. In no time, they started dancing. For minutes, they didn’t say anything to each other, but Heidi was staring straight into his eyes as they were dancing. Raphael wondered what was going on in her mind. The atmosphere-followed suit as the Dj changed his selections to that of cool rhythm and tempo. Raphael looked at his wrist, it’s now 1:00midnight. Heidi who remained tipsy became engrossed and passionate about going down with Raphael, a fellow he had never met before. He responded positively and politely to all her calls and signals. He soon forgot all his thoughts about being with Gabriella. Visions of Heidi’s voluptuous body engulfed his mind. She had a great sex appeal and he knew she was going to be perfect in bed and may be in a relationship. He looked up his watch again, twenty minutes after one. “Would you take me on, boy?” she whispered into his ear. His body stirred and he realised he was also in the mood for a steamy session. “Hmmmmm, I can, but certainly not in this hall, maybe somewhere secluded and private,” Heidi demanded more drink and they both walked down to the bar for two bottles of cold beer. Jodi who’s also hooked up with Tonia, dancing, glanced at his friend with his new catch (Heidi) as they walked out of the hall to an unknown destination.

For minutes, they didn’t say anything as they got to the back of the hall. They stood holding each other and moving with the rhythm of the blues from the hall. Heidi sighted an abandoned chair behind Raphael. She then pushed him towards the chair. Raphael landed on the chair, as she immediately sat on his legs. “What’s your name?” She asked “Mine is Raphael and you?” without any response from her, she placed her lips on his and they were immediately into one another. Heidi is so hot and has an immense amount of sex appeal that couldn’t be-neglected. Heidi took charge and that gave Raphael the spark he needed to perform. Raphael sighted a table beside him and drew it closer while Heidi was still battling with his lips. He stood up and lifted her on the table. With her legs wide opened, she stretched her neck and started the kiss all over again. Raphael kissed her in return passionately and from then on, two, unlike wires, began to touch and lightning sparked. Raphael’s hand found its way to her valley and he began to use his finger, to work on her like a surgeon into excitement. She was at this time wet and acted very helpless. She let out silent moans, which showed how horny she was. She guided her hands towards his manhood, which was already turgid. She unzipped his trouser and brought it out to feel it real. The inevitable urge to be inside her came upon Raphael like showers of rain and pushed her to lie on the table.  They were no longer conscious of the environment as they tore themselves apart in ecstasy. Raphael spread her legs wide opened like eagle’s wings and entered into her. She moaned passionately and silently. Raphael avoided coming almost immediately and pounded her harder as she kept making grunting sounds. They changed positions after positions. He got Heidi’s favourite position, doggy. He kept hitting her from behind and her moans were no longer silent, but let loose, not minding if anyone heard her. She turned over, this time, he was about coming when he heard a walking step of someone, from the dark, and it was Gabriella. He didn’t mind as he became harder to her. Heidi requested Raphael to come into her mouth. He pulled out from her hot valley and she came down to suck him until he burst into orgasm. Gabriella who recognized them both stood in shock and in silence, she went back into the hall. It was then Raphael realised Gabriella had crushed for him.

“Thanks, Raphael, I have never had such for some time now. You made me feel good. I’m pleased. You are good. My name is Heidi,” she said as she gave him a warm kiss and in silence, they both walked back into the hall holding hands. They met Gabriella on the doorstep, she ran short of what to say. Raphael having noticed her only gave a cool glare in return to hers.

“O’boy, where have you been, I have been all around in search of you,” Cryon demanded. They walked towards the bar as Raphael narrated all that just happened. “Wonder shall never end,” Cryon said as they both moved to meet Jodi and joined him in dancing.

The time is now 3:45midnight. Guests had started leaving the hall when Gabriella sighted Raphael dancing alone. She went straight to him having tired of hiding her crush on him since they met at the medical complex. “Hi dear,” she called out. She demanded to dance with him. Without hesitation, He enclosed her with his arm and held her by her waist. “You look beautiful Gabriella, I’m sorry about what you saw,” he said as they got into the dancing mood. “It’s no problem,” she said as she placed her head on his shoulder.  While dancing, it was a soul music from one James Blunt’s album. Gabriella confessed to Raphael about the crush she has on him. Immediately, Raphael took over the situation and wooed her. “I would love to have a relationship with you,” he requested, waiting for an oral response from Gabriella, which never came. Instead, Gabriella held him tight to herself as she felt the hardness of his man around her woman.

Raphael looked at his watch and its now 4 am prompt. “I think it’s time to go back to campus,” Raphael said as he let loose of her arms. “I all go back to the campus with you,” she demanded. She had already told Tonia and her friends to leave without her, as they shall meet on campus.  Raphael looked around the hall and observed the hall was becoming scanty. Cryon gave him a sign to meet them outside the hall.

He allowed her to walk before her, as she had a close glance at her rare, which was looking attractive. They joined Cryon and Jodi in Cryon’s car, which was parked outside the hall. The car was Cryon’s twenty-fifth birthday gift from his father who never had much time to spend with his family, rather most of his time is spent with his political associates and on oil business tycoon.

They all drove down to the campus in silence. Gabriella placed his head on Raphael’s shoulder. She still felt the hangover of the excess alcohol she took @ the party. Raphael demanded that Cryon should stop them around the faculty of physical science so that they would walk through the dark part towards their halls of residence. Cryon nodded in approval. By now, Jodi was already at sleep, only to wake up to the surprise that they were already in the school compound. Cryon stopped them as demanded and drove off with Jodi to his apartment off campus.  Walking along the dark and secluded part of the faculty, Gabriella demanded to ease herself. It was the result of the excess alcohol. Without any iota of shame, Gabriella went towards the gutter and did her thing. After the prompt action, she lifted herself in the dark, revealing her downside.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Gabriella had stripped, leaving her skin bare of any form of clothing. Her breasts looked really nice and juicy. Her nipples were pointed and appealing to the soul, and her breasts fairly large. Her tummy was flat and her hips were just moderate. Her valley was carefully and neatly shaved. Raphael couldn’t resist the temptation as he went closer and grabbed her. He placed her on an abandoned desk. Before they could realise what was happening, her noise was loud as Raphael was giving her a powerful and terrific pounding.  Raphael did a wit out of her. She screamed loud with joy and pleasure, as she felt cold and shaking. She let loosed her orgasm. Her region immediately became tight and felt tickled in response to any touch. Almost immediately, she knelt down to give Raphael a hot head, and when he came, he let out a very loud noise.

Raphael cleaned up as she wore her clothes. They stood staring at each other without saying anything. They kissed and held themselves tight. As they heard footsteps and human voices, they let themselves loosed. They were students coming from night class. “We have started something,” Raphael said as they walked towards hall two. “See you later in the day,” she said as she giggled and waved towards him. “Wonders shall never end,” he thought as he turned and moved to hall three where he resided. Throughout that day, they both wondered how it all happened, but remained happy thought about their escapade in just a night.

Raphael and Gab’s joyous mood was disrupted by the news they heard that evening, and the shock made Gab unconscious, that she was rushed to the hospital.  Clara and other girls were involved in a ghastly accident along the popular Sapele road which led to Clara’s house. Clara died on the spot, despite the air bag which popped up from the wheel to protect her chest against the wheel as soon the car find its way under a parked truck along the road.  Tonia, though lived to narrate how the accident happened, was put to a wheelchair for life as her spinal nerve was affected. In her narration during the police’s investigation, said her friend refused to use the seat belt, despite her urge and she drove under the influence of alcohol.

The following morning, Gab gained her consciousness, only to collapse the next day when she got the result of the general test carried on her while in a sick bed. She’s HIV positive. Unknown to her, Cobra was aware of his positive status but kept her in the dark. Raphael, who became scared immediately he heard about Gab’s condition was advised by his doctor friend,  Dr. Sam to check his HIV status after two months. He did as advised. He was asked to check back the following morning after his blood sample was taken. His fasting and prayer before the test were futile. The result was HIV-Positive.  Clara couldn’t live with the stigma, shame, and fear. She died the following year after struggling to survive. Raphael lived with him, but he regretted Just that night of his life. “I would have protected myself” was always his way of ending his story each time he tells people about it.

The end.

5 thoughts on “Just a Night

  1. thanks for presenting real situations in campus although it looks one sided but the truth is that we all need to be couscious of grabbing opportunities.to me there is more to be read rapheal and gabierella…………


    • Thanks Dami, for ur comment on the short story, Just a Night. Yes, there’s more to read. I wish to know wht u mean by being “one sided” dear. Thanks. And pls , there are other piece in d blog, feel free to check. Thanks once again .



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