Emancipation from Domestic Slavery

Its no longer state-of-the-art that most girls’ dream is to get a rich man for a husband (I know you will say including my sisters), I said most girls and not all, probably 95 out of 100 have such dream. That the man must be rich, successful in all he does (positive or not). Yes, this issue has been discussed time without number, so why bringing it again? You might ask. My dear some persons need be told things million times before they get it into their head. And on this forum, I’ve posted something related to this. This should serve as an emphasis.

My dear girl (friend) its reasonably true to say that a man can have ten girls to himself depends on how his power (pocket) takes him. A yoruba Fuji musician once sang “if I get two girls, There’s nothing wrong, but if a girl gets two guys, then she’s seen as a prostitute” (translated from yoruba). Now, my question is, do you wish to be among these train of girls that buzz around the so Called rich guys which at their unconscious cough, many “girls” give response and in the end cry with a loud scream, “I’ve been used.. I thought he’s a good guy…. He deceived me..” or you want to be among the few that all guys wish to have not for her physical make-up, but for her expensive innate personality and attributes. My dear earthly sister its your fault, you used yourself for him, you are the bad person here, and you deceived yourself.

Hey girl get yourself emancipated from the mental slavery that you are supposed to be under a man or being ruled by a man or being dominated by such folk called man. Well, I wouldn’t blame some of you. Your family culture, religion or tradition has made you ve such mentality that man rules. But you shall be held responsible for the consequence if your mentality remains same crude and uncivilised after reading this and/ Or similar article.

Why on earth should you await an already made man and be tossed like dice if you have your tools (education , vocation, or its survival equivalent)? Let’s be blunt and be candid here, what you need is a partner ( a husband). The last time I checked, a husband is a man who a woman is married to. There’s no indication either rich or poor. I understand the fact that no one wishes to be poor nor be part to poverty. Its about choice.

My emphasis here is that as a woman, get yourself a tool. Hold strong to yourself and your career. Face the whatever career you’ve chosen with passion and excel in it, develop positive attitude and character. Don’t let the issue of husband border you… If you don’t have any yet, keep on your hard work sister, men shall come your way and pray for Grace and wisdom to spot the real one.. And on the other hand, if you already have a man that’s yet to get to his zenith (‘cos all fingers are not actually equal) and you are both in the struggle together, my dear, its advisable you keep on with him, because such (good and reasonable) guy will despite his later wealth and affluence respect you more as he recognises your role as a wife and partner, other than just a woman and tool for child bearing and domestic being, which most rich guys you prayed and dreamt of will see you as.

After all, you didn’t get your education or vocation so as to get a husband, but to survive the torrent of life in this bustling unfair world. In all, endeavour to “libertirise” yourself from the slavery (domestic) mentality.

Posted by ODIN G.A


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