God has blessed the water with a lot (all kinds) of fishes. All you need do as a fisherman is to cast in your net and you see (the) all kinds of fishes tripping into your cast net.

The question now is do you’ve the net yet?
Its on these ground that I urge every young fisherman out there to lay hands on a strong net to get more fishes even without bait, so that in the end, you can make good selection and discard the unwanted ones or put them back into the river (living or not).

On the other hand, if you already have a fish which you caught with your hook, sinker and bait, watch and nurture it to your taste. It humbly stays in your hook despite the struggle if its meant for you. If not, hey young fisherman, join the other fellow and get a (strong) net, those fishes will come to you at a cast of the net.


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