Sick Mother (Nigeria)

Oh! Dear Sick Mother (Nigeria)
I, loud before the alter:
Since Ages now,
Ailments make thou down,
Sorry, You’ve been sick
And got the short end of the stick,
Nepotism,crisis, tribalism
All over your federalism.
Embedded as corruption
In your bosom called nation,
Wish this is fever or cold
I would say you’re now old.
Your heart trembles in fear
Seen your parts wear and tear.
Oh! Now you are at sleep
We thy sheep at split
In ideology and believe
Oh, Mother don’t leave,
Though thy temperature at eighty-nine
So sure you shall be fiine.
Our hope in-line with the physician
Who gave us a prescription
That we ought change our mentality
So thee shall be at home and not cemetary
Assuring us of the drugs we believe in
And that is you, our Mother.
Come alive and live
better days are before us, don’t leave.
Live again Mother,
Change we await for a better Nigeria.

By Goddey Odin
1/09/2013, for Nigeria @53

Posted by ODIN G.A


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