The Scam

Today was just in phases. The unusual thing about my day today. Pls judge this yourself. Who’s the “scammer”??

I was on my way to use the ATM in one of the banks around Depot, Osisioma Aba. Diamond bank precisely. On getting closer the entrance, around the car park of the bank, I alighted from the “keke” and turned the other way to pay the motorcyclist. Waiting to get my #20 changed, I unconsciou…sly looked through my shoulder and sighted two gentlemen who gave signals to themselves as they walked past each other. I turned to cross the newly tarred road going towards the gate, one of them approached me. Here’s our conversation:
Bros, good day,
Me (so conscious now): hw far chairman. I answered as I looked straight to his red eyeballs. I saw crime, deceit, fraud and 419 in his eyes. I blinked my eyes and got myself composed as he continued.
Abeg, I wan get to onwuke road and I couldn’t find my way, he said. Straightaway, I told him, sorry I don’t know there. Okey, leme ask another person, he said as he left and I went into the bank premises and withdrew my small dough, straight into my pocket. Coming towards the gate, I wore a “no smile” face like I didn’t get any money.

Waiting at the gate the other guy approached me and demanded what the earlier guy wanted. Now, I already concluded their mission in my head. I told him I couldn’t remember wht he wnted. Then he said, “let’s help the guy, he’s stranded and needs some change. I was just watching the guy as he continued his story. He got to a point, he started talking about his container on high sea.I smiled and said to my self.” this guys no know say I be real Edo man born in Lagos, serving in Aba, dinned with the Hausas …I allowed him to continue until it got to a point he said we should contribute money to clear the goods at the port. Blaa bla bla. This time, the same guy who claimed to have lost his way surfaced from the blues and joined us. The conversation continued and they demanded for my number which I gave them. They said I shall contribute #300,000 or anything I ve. In my mind, i said, “wrong person”. I said okey no wahala, but I ve an issue here o…. I carried a wrong ATM card from home, and I need to get back to pick the right one so I can withdraw my money, and now I don’t ve any money except this #20 (I brought out the Money and showed them). The supposed lost guy then said they should give me money so that I can be quick. I said no yawah. To make them believe I was serious, i asked if I should give them my blackberry phone, for the benefit of doubt (I for no give them Sha). then one of them said no need and brought #1,000 note from his well ironed suit and gave it to me.
Immediately I stopped a “keke” and I asked one of them to follow me, which he did. When we got to Ekeakpara, a market where I shall get an okada to my place, I disappeared and mixed with the crowd. I didn’t border to pay the motorcyclist. From afar I sighted the guy looking all Around for me Wey I don loss. And the “kekke man” demanding for his money. I laughed as I sat in a bar to sip a chilled(cold) harp…. My broda, the sun was so hot today abeg……
Now, pls judge : have I Done☑ anything wrong? Who’s the “scammer”?


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