Tact (the ability to do or say things without offending or upsetting other people) is found wanting day in, day out in all parts of some fellows’ being. Marriages are wrecked, jobs are lost, hearts are broken- all for want of tact.

This desirable quality serves as a lubricant to living, where with it, the wheels of life turn smoothly; without it, all is friction and discord.

Tact is consideration for others. A tactless person leaves a trial of wounded spirits- hurting, humiliation, inconveniencing others as little as possible.

The person who is always making others un-happy y, probably intentionally, is bound, sooner or later, to be made unhappy him/herself.

Tact is easy to develop_
1. Avoid making people look small. No one likes being humiliated, not you either- even the most humble person won’t condone it. The natural reaction is resentment, anger, dislike,, perhap hatred. Unless it is your job to do so, avoid drawing attention to the shortcomings of others. Be generous and understanding in your assessment of others’ behaviour. If you’re expected to spot inefficiency and rebuke others, do so without giving offence.

2. Avoid infringing the rights of others. People have rights which they guard jealously. If, tactlessly, you infringe those rights without consultating them, there is bound to be trouble. People have right to private life, so avoid pumping for information. In attempting to make conversation, don’t let your questions become too personal.

3. Avoid boosting yourself. Blowing your own trumpet doesn’t win you respect or popularity. if you must mention your achievement or accomplishment, do so modestly and in lighter vein. Not to do so is tactless because it tends to make others small by implication.

4. Don’t teach other people their jobs. Even a road sweeper is a professionally proud. He is convinced he knows his job ‘inside out’, and that no one can teach him anything about it. He will resent anyone trying.

On the other hand, it is tactful to make people feel at ease. This is always appreciated.

Its is tactful to show appreciation of service done on your behalf.

Its tactful to make others feel important.. We are all born egotists. People thrive on praise

Be liberal, then with praise and appreciation. That does not mean flattery and the smooth tongue. Look for things to praise. Everyone has good points.

Its tactful to be courteous at all times and to all people. Rudeness and brusqueness seldom pay.

Tact shows itself in respecting what others hold dear, particularly religion, politics, race an family.

Life offers a thousand situations where a little tact will act as oil in machinery….

Be Tactful in all your dealings.

Posted by ODIN G.A


7 thoughts on “TACT

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  2. The last point is something I truly support. In trying to teach some1 his/her work you make the look small, infringe on their rights and make youself look bigger. Its one of the most important point there. Nice one.


  3. I comment your ability to write at length but your inability to make*****is worrisome,,tanx you…..lolz
    Na me wazobia!!!!!onelove


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