Greetings to all the above concerned, I’m committal to writing this with blood filled pen and a punctured heart, blood gushing from hollowed eyes and tears rolling down my veins, my holes being porous and venerable, any target can find its way easily. I’m sure this shall get to you anyway, please don’t reply or come after me unless you are ready for the resolution I reached in this letter.

 The Jamāʻat Ahl as-Sunnah lid-daʻwa wal-Jihād, also known as Boko Haram, we honestly thought you had a good and reasonable course when you started your operation, unfortunately you turned out to fight and destroy humans, especially the less privilege masses in the society; men, women, children, innocent Christians and Muslims alike, tertiary institution fellows, and other defenseless people of the nation. You have wrecked havoc not on the government we thought you were fighting, but on the defenseless humans. Once again, what is your course? Eradication of western education? If yes then I shall ask you few questions in relation to this: what is western education? The cloths you wear are from where? The ammunitions you operate with were gotten from where? The books in which your prayers are written are from where?

 Secondly, are you rebels? No, I’m sure you’re not. According to the lexicon, rebels are groups who rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or leader. Are you fighting the government or the ordinary people? Lately, you slaughtered about fifty secondary school students, abducted twenty girls in the far north-east where you have your base and have carried out similar nefarious, barbaric, crude and uncivilized acts. You operated in remote villages in Kaduna where you killed over 200 habitants in less than five hours; you razed places of worship and markets, killing the worshippers and traders in cold blood. Do you know that you’ve killed over 10,000 people, which 99.9 percentage of these people are not even close to the government, but are ordinary innocent ones? This simple act of wickedness has disqualified you of being called or tagged rebellious group. Rebels are people oriented group.

 Earlier,  GEJ said you are our brothers. “tufiakwa” “my brother” won’t go that length to show his grievance if at all he has any reason to. Moreover, you are a spirit, as my president later described, in his words, you are faceless and un-identifiable. Rebels reveal their faces, then why do you hide your face? Its Simply because you are a thief who has come to steal and destroy for no reason.

 Sincerly, you in line with your leaders Abubakar Shekau,Dan Hajia,Abba,Abatcha Flatari, Momodu Bama, Mohammed Yusuf and others would have gotten the support of the people and their praises if you had lunched your attacks on Aso rock, house of senate and assembly alike, and other places where these our so-called government gather to put our Nigeria in shackles of shame and havocs. Common boys! Can’t you channel your course to the right directions? Can’t you stage a revolution and wipe these evil doers who go up and down killing this country economically, socially, psychologically, and otherwise? They still loot our money, syphon our resources and deposit them in foreign banks. Can’t you fight for the people? Atleast for a people; why being stupid killing the innocents, those who are not even close to where the monies are shared? It’s obvious you guys are lost, you have got no bearing. Sorry, since you couldn’t face the right people and fight them for the people, you shall be crushed.  The Nigeria Soldiers and other forces shall crush you all. They’ve got new tactics and they shall win the battle. “And you shall die be that”

 What about the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Niger Delta Militants?  You started well but unfortunately ended to make yourself wealthy.

When you were operating from the Creeks, we thought you were like the mau mau militant in Kenya , oh my God can these people help my people? Can they help us get real freedom, where the people can really have a voice?

 I used to envy your courage until I realised your course wasn’t a people oriented course. You’ve all enrich yourself with the amnesty fluke. You later let the people in pain and blood. The people you claimed to fight for. Your leaders; Henry Okah, Dokubo-Asari, John Togo, Ebikabowei Victor-Ben, Godswill Tamuno, Ateke Tom, Government Ekpemupolo, Soboma George, Brutus Ebipadei,Solomon Ndigbara, Tubotamuno Angolia  and others are now counted among wealthy people in the country, except the ones in jail at home and abroad. Wish you can rise and call for a revolution, where we can wipe out the race of the corrupt leaders. Oh no!! My people are the sufferers, the grass…. *tears*

 Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, when it was led by the late Ken Saro Wiwa (RIP) was a force to reckon with. Unlike Ken, Asari is in his mansion in Benin Republic making hell of noise and ranting. He has made his wealth and left the oppressed people, his people, our people on their own. I, other Nigerians and the youths alike dare you (Asari) to call for a revolution…Yes! REVOLUTION, we shall join … I shall join. I shall carry alms since they no longer fear my pen to squeeze the necks of those pot belly men up there. Boot their butt, I shall suck their blood to free my people, hit their testicles to enrich my people and pee in their mouth so as my people become economically free.

 MEND was an organization that “portrays itself as political organization that wants a greater share of Nigeria’s oil revenues to go to the impoverished region that sits atop the oil.”

Is that what it is today? You had substantially more sophisticated tactics, radically improved firepower and combat training, Swarm-based maneuvers, effective use of system disruption, etc

If only you can be truthful in fighting for the people, then let’s go up there.

 MASSOB is another group that has the opportunity to lead the revolution. What has become of the biafran group today?

 If you all the groups can sit together and talk as one fighting for a just course and for the people in sincerity, then you shall get the people’s support.

 I dare you for a Revolution. You have the courage, abi…. You have the influence (locally and internationally), the access to alms, after all we are aware where you all get them from.

I shall be on ground and await your recruitment for a revolutionary course against the “evil” men sitting up there for the benefit of Nigeria people.

 I write with the hope to provoke you to a just, sincere and people oriented actions.

 Yours in struggle,

Comrade O. Goddey. A






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