Oh My Osisioma, Country Home

Crickets chirping at dusk to dark
As hens come to roast in cages
Built as home to harbour in packs.
The silent breeze embrace
inviting one to sit and
Stare to the horizon
Gazing beyond the waving leaves
As the palm trees echoed in volume.
The birds singing at dawn
Promising a brighter day ahead
Mixed with cock crow
Inviting one to see work ahead.
You can hear the roaring water
As it splashed down the hills
Meeting the children by the bank.
People going slow and steady
Seeking for daily bread
Without frown but smile
Greeting all and sundry
On their way to and fro.
No traffic jam and collision
No white noise but Africans
Kissing nature and not man maid.
Unlike in cities, all natural
Getting yams, pepper and oil
Cost me not my flesh
But the penny I got
In my pocket housed in
My worn-out shirt and trousers
And no one raised an eye
Or spread teeth to laugh at me.
Fresh green for vitamins.
Oh! All these are gone
As I left the shore of Osisioma ngwa
Missing the serene and simple environs
Of Ngwa, umuejima, and down.
The genuine noise from Ekeakpara
Traders, who never pull nor force you
For patronising them…
I got the genuine peace in the country side
Which I now miss after my service year
As a corps member of FRN .
When again will I here
Bird chirp, cock crow, and
people give a genuine smile
As I’ve sit-put here in the city of Eko?

Posted by ODIN G.A


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