…. To What Purpose?

A lot of married women who are having issues in the marriages now subscribe to affairs and the question: to what purpose?

…ladies who go about begging men to marry them, … To what purpose?

….a lot of men, old and new sowing lies into the lives of women so they can live through “the little” these naïve desperate women have made for themselves. …to what purpose?

…religious leaders, who now go about doing one so called lucrative business or the other, not because they want to be salt of the earth or light of the world, but so they can maintain a status…. To what purpose?

…we are confronted with politicians that fight for their parties and not for the people… To what purpose?

… A lot of young people looking for more followers on the social sites, yet 85% of them still have no jobs for the past 3-8 years that they’ve been tweeting…. To what purpose??

…a lot of people teaching on purpose today but leave out The God of Purpose, and I ask…. To what purpose?

You’ve finished reading this, but to what purpose?


Posted by ODIN G.A


3 thoughts on “…. To What Purpose?

  1. Lol, the ending got me there. But these are questions we need to constantly ask ourselves if we will have any hope of improving. For everything we do there should be a reason (purpose) if not what’s the point.
    For me the answers are 1. Revenge 2. Deseperation 3. Manipulation & self-satisfaction 4. Power 5. Greed 6. Lack of purpose 7. Misconception & finally for me enlightenment.


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