Be Faithful and Save a Life

You stumble to his profile on Facebook and add him. He checks your profile and pictures . He
confirms and likes you . He sends messages to your box and writes on your wall. Likes some of your status and makes comments on some.
You excitedly reply all his messages, all excited. You desire to hook up. Immediately Set a date.
You dress up. Your best gown is selected , wear a nice perfume, make up, on fresh breath &
new weave . He takes you for an evening stroll then dinner thereafter. You two have a good time together . He tickles your ribs, rubs your hand, makes you giggle like an infant, makes you laugh out loud, gives you a look and
smiles as he gets your whole attention. You fall in love soonest. Infact you are now in love and you admit. Now seems you’ve known him for ages.

The next chapter begins as he takes you to his apartment. Now, you’ve in no time forgotten the existence of your man, the innocent guy that loves you wholeheartedly. He’s somewhere thinking on how to get you satisfied and fulfil all his promises he made to you. That young man is forgotten in a while because of the Facebook love.
The Facebook guy makes you feel comfortable in his exaggerated apartment as he lays you in his bed. You can’t resist any of his advances, he’s sure. Seeing your eyes reveal the language spoken by your succulent body to him. The goose pimple on your delicate skin says much. You bite your lower lip with the upper and keeps it half in. Now, his junior has seen all the signs, which the only option is raising its head to see what’s beyond your well sown gown. Even your valley has turn a pool, that a little touch will make it splash. He gets closer and rubs you gently , kiss you passionately and your moan is heard. He undresses you and you return same kind. Gesture. The gstring isn’t a problem as no much effort is made to put it off. He cuddles the pointed woman as his hand finds its way down the watered valley. You cannot just withstand its aggressive gentle handling. “Your
love his aggressive” you manage to let out in between the kiss razzmatazz. He pushes with strength, power & you give in without any effort to resist .It feels good. yes! It does feel good. But you are convinced from the inside that its wrong. Its normal, you body says, contradicting your conscience.

You ask to be protection. “Condom,please” you say. “You are safe ‘cos i am clean”, he assures. You tell her to love and protect you forever. He gives an assurance. But deep down in him, he can’t guarantee you that. He’s serious with a lady. He’s courting a lady. That’s his angel in his world. Do you know that? No!

After few extended rounds, he pulls out , goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water . He helps you drink it as you try catching your breath from exhaustion from an amorous prayer session, he’s the man. You feel special. He winks and you give him that seductive look. He must be the one ” , you try convince yourself by yourself to yourself.
Get dress, he says. But you can’t see any sign indicating error in his gesture after the heavenly session.

He walks you to the nearest junction, stops a cab and kisses you on the cheek and says “I had a great time, you are hot. You smile and say ” See you tomorrow my love. He becomes mute to that hopeful saying of yours. And just smile as he leaves the cab’s door. He stays silent and the driver drives away.

In the cab, you can’t stop smiling as you reminisce the about everything. All playing again in your mind. The driver looks on and on through the rear view mirror and imagines your present thought. “wonti doh eleyi dada” he says to himself in his local language.

You arrive home and sends him a message that you got home safely. He is online for some minutes now, but doesn’t reply your messages. It’s unlike him ,so you make relentless effort to send him messages again . You don’t even have his number, you would have placed a call, you think. He doesn’t respond. Minutes later you
can’t find him on your friend list. He has disappeared. HE BLOCKS YOU. You can’t access his friend’s list nor his page. Hours, Days , weeks ,months pass by . You start feeling sick , weak , loose-weight , act strange with sores in your mouth. Losing appetite becomes your hobby. You go to the clinic . Get tested . Minutes later
nurse walks in. She says she needs to see you privately and ask if you came with your partner? That its very important. No, I’m here alone you say as you follow him to a private room.

“You are Positive”, she says. Positive on what? You ask as you pull your sit closer to hear all she needs to say clearly.

You are HIV positive.

HOW ? Was the first and only word out of your mouth as you faint.

You woke up minutes later, You seem not to understand as reality hits you . You walk home. Scared , Confused. You go to the middle of the express lane, you go to the bridge and stare into the deep see, you go close a mango tree with a rope in your hand, you bought a rat poison, You go to the railway. You lay ,hopeless, without emotions .You see the train coming nearer, you role away. You look into the sky & pray.
Gangan ! That’s the end of your role.

Please Don’t be Sis. You can simply stay alive by just being faithful, to yourself, partner and relationship. This is my thought today.

Posted by ODIN G.A


4 thoughts on “Be Faithful and Save a Life

  1. Hmmm! Goddey! U wrote dis! Am impressed! In as much as I don’t blieve in d FBuk relationship I still cnt blind my eyes to d fact dat it exist! Dis is a nix piece,a must read for every lady! Welldone!


    • thanks Ify dear. Tthats encouraging. You may wish to go through other pieceS. Thanks 4 ur time. You gonna see more… Thanks


  2. *still smiling* creative writing style bro! Even though I seem to know d end! You jst kept M̶̲̥̅ε̲ hanging on with d “you”…..well done.


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