Aboki and His Kettle


“Don’t mind the next aboki’s kettle for you know not what the content is or what he is struggling for”.

I was surfing the internet when I came across the above quote made by an unknown Nigerian and I saw reasons to agree with him and the idea behind the quote. 

Of a truth, when you see a Hausa man with a kettle (plastic, steel, portable or a big one), don’t be quick to conclude that he’s going to make an ablution or going to do his normal washing so as to say a prayer. Having spent some reasonable time in the north with these set of humans and had a moment with them even here in Lagos, I observed that there are different purposes for their “can’t do without kettle.”

Some with water in them might actually be for ablution, for entire body bath (you know aboki with their package), while some to wash their secret zone after “kaka” or pee. On the other hand,  some harbour any kind of drink, concoction, and intoxicants in these kettles of theirs. 

This analogy of hausa man and his kettle shows a big head in our daily life and hustle. Whenever you see people hustling, don’t just mind them, get concerned or get carried away by their ways. You might be and definitely naïve while they involve in such (legitimate) way of making money.

Just as the popular saying, “different strokes for different folks”, so also different hustle, different reasons for different people.
I remember back then in the college of education, Zaria I met a guy who we decided to do a menial job just to get an extra cash. I asked him what’s his purpose of taking up the hustle… I wasn’t surprise about his answer, but wondered while he had to go such extent. His reason was that he needed to get a phone (china phone). Then, china phone was valued, especially that type with TV. That was just his reason, but mine was just to add to my savings. You see…same amount of money collected, same hustle, but what about the purpose?  

My intelligent friend Destiny, while we were in service in Aba had a conversation with a young student of his when he saw her in the market selling bread. 

Destiny: How are you Lydia?

Lydia: I’m fine sir. You didn’t go to school to teach today sir?

Destiny: No dear, today is my CDS (Wednesday). I’m not always in my ppa on my CDs days. But then, you supposed to be in class, so why are you here by this time (10am)?

Lydia: sir (pulled her hair), I need to get more money so as to organise my birthday party. Its next week. 

Destiny: Oh ! That’s good for you my dear. You are quite fortunate. Some of us are hustling for our future.

A friend once said that “the wise man who advised every aboki to be with his own kettle deserves a Nobel prize award.” And I so much concur with him. On my part, I don’t see anything wrong in Lydia’s purpose for her hustle. On that same platform, some persons will do that not just to survive, but feed family and do other needed stuff.

Our table of priority differs.  Some girls need the money to clear their mum’s hospital bill, pay little brother’s school fees and invest in the family’s business. While another is steady chasing that same cash for a new hair (Brazilian or Peruvian), expensive bleaching cream, and ipad air, iphone 6, so her colleagues can see she’s not on the same level with them.

Some guys hustle so as to get that money to get the lattest designer shirts, shoes, accessories, drinks, and other things so as to live up to the standard set by themselves. While on same ground, some just want to secure their future, take care of their basic needs and share the wealth among his extended family.  The truth is, all our purposes for making these monies are reasonable, it depends on you, your mindset and maybe your background.

So, Don’t mind the next mans kettle for you know not what they are struggling for. Let the value of the prize you seek be determined by your own circumstances.

PPA – means Primary Place of Assinment. it is a precise place or a work place, usually a school or a government owned agencies where Corps members are posted to work.

CDS- means Community Developmental Service.


3 thoughts on “Aboki and His Kettle

  1. God has blessing you with fabulous writting skills what I will love to call “Gifted Hand”. This wonderful hands of yours shall feed nations


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