Letter to a Brother

Dear bro, you know we’ve been friends for years and I will not be faithful if I don’t tell you this. How is the country and its numerous challenges? I’m sure you will want us to discuss how they are making the government un-governable for GEJ and the boko-haram issue with me. The world cup is almost here and wish you shall be around so that we catch the fever together. Anyway….

Hey bro, hope you’ve not forgotten that your destiny is in ur hands. You’ve all it takes to get it controlled. Never blame anyone for not been there for you. Its the world. The language here is that of survival. The action here is the survival of the fittest, so join the war and fight… Use the language.

Are u still waiting for that uncle of urs who promised you all the goodies of life? He now has his family, and huge responsibility around his neck, which urs is not among. He needs to finish his house project, get a better car, new business and maybe take a title in the village.

That your aunt has her kids, business and life to deal with. So, don’t disturb her with yours.
Her monthly salary has been budgeted. Her usual income from her dealings too.

Oh your friends, you remind them the good old days, as you feel they don’t care about you any longer. They’ve forgotten you, you said. You remember when you used to drink garri together and go hunt for babes, abi? Hey, bro its a new leaf now, face yours cos they are struggling to survive too. they’ve there parents, siblings, girlfriend/wife and or kids to cater for. He needs further his education and get more certificates. He has projects to attend to, so your palaver might not even be in their mind.

You used to have a girlfriend you dated way back, you think she’s doing well now and want to force yourself to her? She already has someone she’s planning the future with. Her savings is paramount to her.

You met an old class mate on your way to a company that invited you for an interview. You got along with him and he gave you his complimentary card. Few days later, you called to visit him. He scheduled and re-scheduled dates. You felt disappointed cos it now seemed he’s posting you. Brother, its not that, he doesn’t just now how to tell you that things are hard for him too, that the economy hasn’t been favourable to him sef.
Don’t mind his suit, which looks new. Its either he hasn’t completed the payment, or he will return it to the laundry man to rent another one. It take a stronger, maybe godly heart for him to tell you the bitter truth which you might not be ready nor happy to hear.

Okey, there’s this relative of yours that has been in overseas for years, you think s/he should have helped you get there too or always send some cash to you, since its now easy through money gram. Bro, just try ask him or her to make a summary of how they live there. Its simple; Life of a hustler. You must survive.

Bro, not that I’m glad that no one is coming to your aid at this time when the condition seems critical for you o, just that I’m trying to show you somethings you can’t see with your eyes, unless I show them to you, or you to them.

Yes, some shall always remember you and assist. Those ones are the fellows who understand that you become richer when you reach out to people, especially those in need and sure you can’t gget anything back in return. No be say things easy for Dem too o, they really understand that principle. Me sef Wey I dey write you sef, things never settle, even after my service. But no worry, I go dey give you token anytime you come around, till things get better for us. You na my guy na …. “Man no die, man no rotten”

Ehen, you don’t need to border your dad and mum again, despite the fact that they won’t let you go solo until things are fine for you. They still see it as their responsibility to cater for you even after they’ve played a huge role in making sure you get to this stage. They feel they owe you more. you knw why? ‘cos they are you parents. The only humans who you can always cry to and don’t expect any complain nor insults from them.

And you too bro, if things don dey settle for you, don’t forget them too o, I mean your parents and those ones wey dey with you o. Atleast, I won’t mind a contract to build a bridge on air that will link Nigeria and the West…. Lol…. Yes, what about that your babe, that girl has really tried for you. She could still wait, eya…. Na your wife, please marry her o. Hope she’s almost through on her way becoming the AIG of her country. May God grant her her heart desire.

Keep your head up bro, and stop looking up to man, look up to God. See you at the top.

Yours truly,

Posted by ODIN G.A


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