Nse: this one you smiling under this hot sun Chris, what is the pin code? Abi you don win American lottery? (Nse said with his eyes focused on a mango on the tree)

Chris: guy, one Arsenal guy just do us beer this afternoon in celebration of FA  cup victory.

Nse: hahahahahahaha, Arsenal people nor get shame, FA cup for nine years? Anyway, e reach Dem drink kunu sha..

Chris: but why are you sitting here alone looking like a lost sheep to d sky abi na tree sef?

Nse: broda, I am tired of this country walahi, everyday is one bad news to another. Abeg make I pluck that ripe mango. (he said as he threw a stone to a targeted mango.)

Chris: hmmm you can try south sudan na, since you are tired of our country. Guy , we will make it in this naija because money dey here, but I go first go States first…

Nse: few people controlling the nation; very few.. Hah!  Chris, what is really happening to us as a nation? If it is not Boko haram today it will be some elders from north making statements, counter attack will come from Asari or old papa Edward Clark

Chris: hahahahahaha you forget PDP and APC e-fighting or e-warriors giving us different figures on national tv

Nse: president Godluck is talking, Solomon Lai is disputing,President’s wife is taking detective role on national security, nawao… diais God o…
            CNN is showing clips that AIT, Channels, NTA and all local stations can’t show us. guy , I don tire for my country jor.

Chris: what can we do? Nothing brother

Nse: chris before you came I was actually going through pains in my heart as I dey pluck mangoes

Chris: are you sick?

Nse: no na, Nigeria matter full my head , e pass fever.

Chris: guy don’t kill yourself for naija problems jor. Naija wahala, na shoulder Dem ddey put am.

NSE: chris, this one pain me well well

Chris: which one?

Nse: chai! Chai!! Chai!!!, how will an old man have sex with small pinkin of three (3) years? Haba!!!

Chris: for juju, fun or what? Infact, where did you hear this one?

NSE: Chris, you mean you have not been following recent ugly developments in this country?

Nse: just go online Chris, you will see what some men are turning into….beast!

Chris: this is bad oooo… I can’t imagine… (Chris said as he held his below and shook it.

Nse: why so much wickedness in this land?

Nse: just the other day, one 70 years old defiled a 2 years old girl, can you imagine?

Chris: is the man crazy or mad?

Nse: maybe possessed. Guy, if government doesn’t check this rubbish now it will develop into a bigger problem. Boko haram were political tugs of one or both of the major parties before now before further mergers…

Chris: government better protect our future wives oooo.. (he said as he laughed out loud).

Nse: I believe there is something behind this evil trend that has befallen this country

Chris: you can’t tell, men are not smiling in this nation. America will know

Nse: guy, is it everything America must do for us?

Chris: guy leave matter for mathayias

Chris: how far preparation for GTB aptitude test for tomorrow?

Nse: brother na God get power ooo… I hear say Dem don know who to employ sef, say d test na formality. Unemployment sef na wah!

Chris: no be lie sha… Make we still go anyway. Guy, anything to chop for this house?

Nse: who send  you to go drink beer?

Chris: how many men can reject free beer?

Nse: small rice still remain sha

Chris: thank God, thank God. You see Goddey today?

Nse: no! Wetin happen?

Chris: just dey ask. That guy just carry money matter for head. Just dey fear, make dat guy no go do juju o…

Nse: hehehehe… Him blood boil pass water. He should be in Destiny’s room discussing politics.

Chris: guy when I return we fit continue our talk…I be wan even watch one movie now sef, make I on my system since light dey.

Nse: wey light? Lol. Dem useless people just carry their thing na.

Chris: useless people. I think say them don sell the Nepa sef.

Nse: yes, but matter worse. Wo…

Chris: na to go back mama comfort place be that na. I fit see who go knack me free beer na.

Nse: abeg, wait make I dey with you…. Na shoulder Dem dey put Naija matter.

Written by Destiny Odhili


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