Letter To A Sister

Dear beautiful sister, you know we’ve been friends for ages now and I often remember what you used to tell me back then in the university. That’s always the first thing that comes to mind each time I think about you. That “I must marry a rich man, or else nothing…” well, its about your choice and your desire. And I’ve always wished that for you also, “cos no guy wishes to be poor too, but rich, that’s why you see them all, atleast most pushing their buttons to join the league of the rich. I’m going there too.

On the contrary Sis, I shall not be fair to you if I don’t tell you the truth Or open your eyes to see facts. Though its said that “those who cry still see” I doubt if there’s tears in your eyes, and that baffles me why you can’t just see reality, but wallowing in your endless imagination. If you pray that God should bless you, you must be doing something right at a time that God will use to bring the blessings. Afterall, before He turned water into wine, there was provision of water. Before He used the little bread and fishes to feed thousands, that little boy brought out what he had (fishes and bread)… You can see what I mean.

You’ve been praying for the best of man and the rich guy, but always forget to pray that you should be rich. The world has changed friend, so you need positively change with it. You wonder why that your ugly friend got married while you still there. Dear, apart from being blessed, there’s something she has Done☑ that you are not doing, moreover do you think she just sat and pray for a rich husband, No! She asked God for a good husband while she goes on working and doing her best to make herself rich. She builds and shapes her character in good form. She respects all and sundry, even the masons he sees around and the wheelbarrow pushers. And to top it all, she respects herself. And who told you that the man she got married to was a rich man. That man started from somewhere and he’s glad to marry her despite her “ugliness” as you said. Its simple, the man goes for an asset other than a liability.

Yes Sis, you’re beautiful, I’m sorry to say to you that beauty fades and yours won’t be an exception.
Today man needs an extra-ordinary woman for a wife after he has played and toyed with many girls’ beauty. He prefers and respects that woman who was there and respected herself when there was nothing. Though you have some few, Idiots who don’t value that lady that was with them in time of none. But the question also is what is the lady’s attitude when the guy had nothing? This applies also among the high-class. That guy whose father got wealth wants his class too. And its unfortunate that you are not in that league. See, the best for you is to hang with that dude who got nothing now but bright future. And build an empire with him. Other than that dude whosees you as a gold digger. Oh you used to ask “na future we go chop?” yes! Chop future that is bright….

It’s hard to get by in life and be truly happy when you have to worry about something as basic as being able to afford to go about life. Money problems are one of the most common reasons for couples to divorce. It’s understandable that someone would want to eliminate the problem from their life and relationship by marrying into money. But how exactly do you do it? If you want to marry into the good life, get started with the following dear:

Don’t be the cliché. You know the one: the beautiful girl who spends all day shopping or sitting by the pool. You don’t want your millionaire to want you only because you fulfil a specific picture, because that makes you very easy to replace. It doesn’t set you apart. It’s easy to find plenty of girls who fit that image. It’s hard to find one that excites him and can match him in the things he enjoys or wants for his life.

Another part of the cliché, of course, is that you only love him for his money or you married him for his pocket. It’s fine to want a guy that can provide for you, but you should choose a guy that can provide for you and that you also love and have a deep connect with. He doesn’t want an obvious gold digger, even when you pretends he knows. He wants to feel love, not fake love.

Respect yourself. Most men, rich guys included, want a woman who respects herself. Why should he like you if you don’t act like you think you’re likable? Show him you’re worth it by taking care of your being.

Get educated. This doesn’t me just the four corners of class alone. Usually, all men don’t want a total bimbo. They’re usually smart themselves, and they want someone that can keep up with them and be a contributor too. It’s more interesting for them! Study hard in school and stay interested in learning even after school. Get more vocations while you wait for Mr. Right or getting the foundation of your future empire.

Do things with your life. No one wants to be with someone who’s completely shallow or dependent for a wife, atleast this days, or just an empty shell that never does anything. That’s boring! Get out there and do things with your life. Have hobbies and dreams for the future (that you actively pursue, don’t just sit around thinking about how much you’d like to be the next big star or marry the richest and famous guys). This will add complexity to your character and make you seem like a fuller person.

Have talents. It is always sexy and makes you more interesting. Learn a skill or build one that you already have. The easiest route to go is to become a great cook (very much a learned skill). learning to draw or play any instrument isn’t a push by idea.

Be passionate. Be a passionate lover but also be passionate in how you live your life. When we’re with someone that’s really enjoying their life and pursues what they love, that inspires us to do the same. This is why passion is so sexy! Pursue your interests. If you’ve always wanted to do something, do it. Once you find your man, he’ll be very impressed.

Catch your man early. Be with him as he’s on his way to the top. Don’t rubbish him now that he has nothing. Respect him now… Make him feel you are the best and his only choice. Show him that you’re with him through thick and thin.

You need to create an environment of trust. This will set you apart from all those other people and show him that you’re the one he should marry. Be someone that he can confide in, never judge him, and be open with him about your own secrets and insecurities.

Bring fun into his life. Everyone wants to marry the person that they believe is going to make their life better. When you’re rich, you don’t have to worry about finding someone that can provide for you. Instead, they’re worried about meeting a spouse that can make their life interesting and fun. If you want him to propose, be that person. Always be positive and avoid complaining at all costs. He won’t be able to get enough of you!

Love them him and faithfully. Be a master in the art of love. Not the sex part (although that won’t hurt) be good at actually loving him and help him to fall in love with you. Be completely unselfish in your relationship. Work to bring him happiness. Surprise him with acts of love every now and again.

Keep him coming back for more. Don’t give everything up all at once. You can sleep with him if you want to, afterall, you are grown, but don’t sleep with him often or spend all your time with him right away. Why should he marry you if having you as a girlfriend or mistress gets him what they want? be careful of this Sis. Make yourself scarce on his bed once a while, until he marries you.

Invest with him, save with him and build with him. Infact no matter how small – just start saving. If you are working, try to be the best in your job. Or what are you doing now? You know we’ve not seen for sometime now.

Act like a lady. Avoid swearing, drinking, drug, aggressive behaviour, and flashy outfits. Work on a more elegant style. Think classy and understated. You want to be the girlfriend then wife, not the mistress. Don’t be so obvious. Do not talk about how much money he has made or how much he makes. All you need is a husband, good husband though, not an investor. If he brings it up, be polite but ask no questions. Make it not important in the conversation.

Dear Sis, so don’t think. Your beauty will get you the husband. Hence from the viewpoint of an economics, a hustling man and man with ambition is an appreciation asset, and you are a depreciation asset if as a lady all you got is beauty. It’s not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your only asset, your value will be much worse 10 years later. Afterall, there are many beautiful girls who are “call girls”.

My dear, I can’t say it all here. I shall see you soon, hopefully with your “husband”.

Keep your head up sis as you get prepared for the next… look up to God.

Yours truly,

Posted by ODIN G.A


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