The Power of Your Imagination

An effective imagination is never the solely possession of a child, writers and artists. In fact, imagination is part of everyone’s mental equipment and can be developed to vantage. A writer Somerset Maugham wrote: ‘imagination grows by exercise, and, contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature (adult) than the young.”

All kind of people in the past have been imaginative. They are the creative thinkers who have given us inventions like the computer, electric light bulbs, jet, radio, space capsules and other inventions. With your present imagination development you might well give some similar boon to mankind, but even if you do not, you could certainly make your own life and that of your dependants happier and more exciting.

I got here some few suggestions for improving your imagination. Some might tend funny, but they work.

 Read the first page of any children story and finish the story in your own way.

 Listen to children at play

 Tell stories to children – Remember, anything may happen.

 When you read or hear of events, try to see them in your mind’s eye.

 Take any commonplace object and ask yourself how it could be improved.

 Try to solve problems anywhere you find yourself.

 About anything ask: what would happen if this were made shorter? Longer? Thicker? Packed differently? Made with something else? Questions of the kind spark off your imagination.

Begin applying whatever imagination you now have in the spheres of:

Your home. Must you live where you do? Could you live in a healthier or more pleasant area? The world is a big place. Use your imagination – it is the first step towards action

How might you improve the inside of your present home? Think creatively. With a little effort, enthusiasm and cash, you can probably transform it. And how about the environments, could you transform that? Imagine the improvements, and then act.

Your work. Can you improve your own working confidence? How could you be more useful to your employer? How could time, labour, materials be saved? Think creatively. If you are an employer, how could you make your staff happier and more productive? Would you work well if you are in their place? Need old regulations still apply or need adjust to present social and economic situations?

Your relationships. Begin using your imagination in this important sphere. How can you reduce excess conflicts? Show yourself more friendly? In what ways could you make yourself a better partner, husband or wife, brother, sister, or parents? Think and act. Imagination can change your world.

Your achievements. Use your imagination here. Visualise yourself being what you aspire to be, doing what you want to do. It is not enough merely t , make up your mind. Create success images day by day. Perhaps in the past you have always painted negative pictures. That was an unwise use of your imagination. In nearest future, positive pictures only, please. Dear, let your imagination be closest friend and companion.

Your personality. Use imagination to help you overcome undesirable habits or tendencies. If you are reserved or bad-tempered, if you stammer or blush, see yourself free from these drawbacks. Stop wallowing in past failures. Paint success pictures daily. Develop a good self-image. The secrete image of yourself which you have tucked away in your mind has already been determining your behaviour for years. It is this which has set limits to what you attempt and therefore to your achievement. Modify your self-image and behaviour.

Start formulating now, a vivid and detailed picture of the person you wish to become. Cling to this image and sooner or later you will measure up to the stature your own mind has created.

I shall conclude this piece by quoting John Masefield. He says: “Man’s body is faulty, his mind untrustworthy, but his imagination has made him remarkable.”

Posted by ODIN G.A


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