Ebola Virus Disease: An Aftermath of War

Having read many articles and the historical background of the current and popular virus; Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), which kills faster than any other virus one could think of and spreading in a rocket form like wildfire, I came into conclusion that the Ebola must be an aftermath of wars in those region highly affected.

According to history, wars might end physically, but they breed another war(s), which might likely not involve arms and ammunitions. Like in the case of kwashiorkor in the eastern part of Nigeria which became popular and strived even after the Nigeria/biafra civil war had ended.

What about the Spanish flu, the deadly plague which invaded the battlefields of France in 1918 immediately after the #FirstWorldWar. The virus proved how deadly it could be after it killed more American soldiers in France than the enemy fire did. Thereafter, according to history, the flu quickly spread worldwide as it accompanied the troops who returned to their homelands after the war. It was also in record that after the war I.e six years later, the world economy collapsed.

EVD was first identified in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was discovered lately that the largest outbreak to date is the ongoing 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, which is affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Come to think of it, these were countries in Africa that engaged in many wars. During this wars, people were forced by “the current” situation to do whatever they liked just to survive (ate all manners of food, meat,vegetables, fruits;slept anywhere they seemed safe, even lived in jungles and forests where wild animals inhabit, and of course with the fruit bats which are the major carrier of the dreaded virus, EVD. It might be in this process of war that definitely diseases and viruses tend to develop and get spread.

As a student of literature, this reminds me of the Wives Revolt by J.P Clark-Bekederemo. A play which depicts the yearning of equality by the women. In the play, there is an exodus of The women in reaction to the new law being enacted in the Erhuwaren village banning the ownership of goats and the unequal sharing of the oil money. The women feel that the new law is repressive and begin making the men their “domestic animals. . This proclamation gives birth to the exodus of the women through Otughieven, Eijophe, or Igherekan, Imode to Eyara. In Eyara the women are accommodated and cared for by Ighodayen,  a notorious prostitute. By the time the women are back to Erhuwaren through the repentant pleas of the men leading to the sharing of the oil money into two equal parts along with other compensations as demanded by the women as grounds for resolution of the matter, they are all infected by Ighodayen… A disease they get from the prostitute.

Though conflict might be settled, war might end…. There’s always series of “wars” left for man to battle after the physical war…EBOLA from my “one eye” view is that another “war” man is left to fight after series of war…
Ebola is Real.
It is also a confirmation of the Holy Scripture of the Christians. Jesus Christ foretold a time when “nation would rise against nation” and food shortages and pestilences would sweep through the earth. Matthew 24:3, 7; Luke 21:10, 11. He thereafter warned his disciples that such calamities would form a sign of the last days.

What is your take?

*Note: My conclusion is a personal opinion, especially “…being an aftermath of war”. so it is subject to criticism.

Posted by ODIN G.A


4 thoughts on “Ebola Virus Disease: An Aftermath of War

  1. Raw ur aftermath make sense but in addition to wat u wrote n to my own view I think is corruption dat brought all dis virus then secondly it is written in d holy scriptures dat,we should obey d Lords commandments bt if we didn’t he is going to turn his fierce anger nd according to the teachings he said dere r going to be a great multitude n dat he is going to send Ten different types of disease.my .brother our leaders r dey doing God will?No dey shield innocent blood everyday.look ore as for me n my family only our ear dat were going use to hear it bt it shall nt come near us bcos we have made Lord who is our refuge the most high our dwelling place .


    • First of all, I say Amen to that prayer. And thanks for ur comment. I also agree with you that its people’s (govts) intentions in form of corruption that lead to unfavourable activities like wars which in my view bring about such epidemics and viruses. thanks once again.


  2. Nix one,d fact is Ebola is lready Here! D way forward is MORE important nw. Questions on my mind are;What preventive Measures were taken by Nigerians b4 Patrick Sawyer came on board;Cos d outbreak in Liberia,guinea n Congo,shud v warned us of am iminent outbreak. Yet nothin was done to create awreness n even prevent it,givin room for d infected Patrick sawyer to come in2 Nigeria! Also,didn’t patrick sawyer knw dat he had d disease b4 comin into our country,considering d fact dat his sister died of d same disease few days back..we r so careless wit things in dis country!


  3. Its just so funny how things get out of hand in Nigeria, either through carelessness or carefree… We ar never proactive…. we cry when the head is already cut off or when the tea has been splashed…. Anywway, its now real in the world…. And what was sawyer’s reason ffor being in Nigeria sef… He was aware of d virus in his system definitely…. Before embarking on his journey to our soil… African mentality oof “no be only me go dey affected” … Well… Ebola is real…

    Thanks for ur comment dear… God bless ur day.


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