Muya’s Monday Morning

For a while, though not more than five months, I have not written anything on a subject matter or any fiction and that really tells on me as a writer. Sure picked up my pen now to make its spill blood on papers expressing my thought on certain issues. As a way of deterring a continued break, I wish to drop a piece which centers on a scene around my neighborhood on a Monday morning. Hope you’ll basked in the short piece. imagesjIt was already dawn and it seemed Muya woke up at the right side of the bed. He discovered later that morning that he was excessively happy and making out a felicitous life, marked by good fortune. “Good morning my neighbours” Muya shouted, facing the sky which seemed blue but obviously just a crack of dawn and stretching out my arms, mimicking Eddy Murphy in the popular movie, Coming to America. It’s what has now become of him. Muya’s friendly neighbours are already used to his vehement outcry of greetings. If he is in and they don’t see him early at times, they take turn to knock on his door until they get response. This time was unusual. Fine! He uttered the usual, but what seemed strange was an image that hit his sight when his eyes got cleared of web and adapted to the bright morning. Though, a beautiful effigy made by the Creator, but this was just different from the ones around Muya’s vicinity. This creature as it seemed emanated from the other end of the street (a close) close to Muya’s. He observed the creature through the gate of his abode since the pedestrian entrance was open. With just his pajamas on, making his “big brother” 1obvious through the nylon clothing, he decided to take a glance at the unavoidable sight for the “bones”2. She is really looking beautiful and looked like a piece of red meat which every man in a “good” frame of mind will want to take a bite. Muya followed her with a long sight as she walked down the street to a house to get some water. Usually in this part of Lagos, water is sold by some persons (landlords) in the neighborhood and serves as the best alternative to the supply of water from government agency. This young beautiful damsel went down to this particular house which is just three houses away from Muya’s. He stood at the gate, staring at her and all she is made of. She has this oblong face dotted with a pointed nose and full lips to complement her bonny jaw. Her hair is braided and touched down her derriere3 which swayed like a piece of pendulum in a granny’s clock. Muya imagined her eyes as mixed with white and blue colour like the morning cloud, but didn’t see much of that since he was taking the stare from afar. Her skin is like fresh juicy succulent orange flesh with no spot, endowed with a “standing ovation” milk factory4. She has this figure eight shape as her wrapper is tied round her bare chest covering part of her breast and leaving the cleavages for “body tourists” like Muya who are also out for sightseeing on an exceptional creature of such. “This must be deliberate.” Muya thought. He thought he was the only one in this tour, until what seemed like something staged played happened. As she walked towards Muya’s gate with a big black bowl (a.k.a baff) of water inscribed “happy family” on her head, held tight with her hands, he imagined her cloak5 free from restraint and revealing privy parts of her endearing Wight. The more he tried shaking away such scene from his mental act, the better it got itself staged in there. He looked on as his eyes got glued to her frame and what he later noticed was her discomfort as she in turn tried to steal a glance on Muya. She walked closer Muya’s house and his neck got stiffen like that of a robot and his mouth agape in continuation of appreciating God’s handy made “Lady of Troy”. Wow! She is tall. Fear, allover her was all Muya saw. The fear of losing her cloak and revealing her treasured beauty to the public view was conspicuous. Her fright became apparent as she counted her steps and held tight to her breath as she walked close Muya. It reflected in her toes as they are clipped to the flat rubber footwear. He could imagine her wish and supplication as fear gripped her tighter, “O’ Lord, let not this piece of cloth make way to reveal this treasure you endowed me with.” Her heart beat increased as it was seen through her wrapper and Muya felt same from his. The rhythm was that of tom-tom and fast as rolling drumbeat. What seemed like an evil prayer got answered… The wrapper got loose from the knot at an end. She found herself in a dilemma of saving her cloak and holding on to her big bowl of water…. Effort to try getting it fixed herself was to no avail. Suddenly, it was embraced by the muddy road. Lo and beholds! What Muya fancied… “Her valley is well carved” was Muya’s last thought. It is surrounded by tinny pieces of “elephant grass”6. Muya called his senses back home and turned inside to get on for the day’s work. “Laro Monday eko’o ni gba gba ku gba o”7 he sang on…. Glossery

  1. Bigbrother– manhood
  2. Bones- men
  3. Derriere- buttocks
  4. Milk factory– breast
  5. Cloak – A loose outer garment
  6. “Elephant grass”- pubic hair
  7. “Laro Monday eko’ o ni gba gba ku gba o” – It’s Monday morning, Lagos doesn’t tolerate nonsens

3 thoughts on “Muya’s Monday Morning

  1. Finally I got my Gojo aka Rawblunt back, please Muya must talk to this damsel in ur next episode. I hereby take my front seat sipping my Fanta. God bless Gojo and more ink to your pen.


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