The City

The cesspit of vice
Stinking with an awful esthesis
A waste land of morality
Wasteland of innocence
Barren land of tranquility and Solace
A home where God is exiled
pit of doom waiting for judgement,
The devil reign supreme
via the souls of all minds
encamped for class materialism.
Man’s inhumanity breaks the innocence in me,
I be for myself like everyman, who be for we?
God was for us all before He exiled.
The city, devil takes his uppermost
Arm unfold,open for sly embrace.
Oh! How I overlooked my tranquilised world,
Found in the country side.
The countryside of Ewatto and Osisioma,
Paradises,doted with innocence and calmness,
The home of God housing my ancestors
Home of peace where my nation served,
How I miss the rural with a novel smell of solace.


3 thoughts on “The City

  1. Took quite a while to finally find an original. Too many write-ups everywhere today leaves people like me groping and searching for poems and literary pieces that can fill the void. Great job!


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