war is Near

War is Near!
To all my literary comrades
Those whose feet are laced
With casted gold,
When war is near,
Nothing seems clear
You are tensioned
I’m not wrong to have mentioned,
Relax, this is a test,
Study hard and leave the rest,
Sincerely from my breast
I wish you all the best….
To the Father, i pray
never to let us fall,
Before him we lay
Our ignorance and all,
He holds us strong
along every gear
Especially this thong
Of exam and fear,
With gifts of wisdom and understanding
I pray our head be filled to the brim
So when we arrive the final landing
We shall all get the jive and roll in Dancing
Like a rimu, we shall remain tall
And never know fall….

Success to you all my literary comrades.

Officially from:
ODIN Aimhienofona Goddey
To all the Master Students, English Literature 2015 session, University of Lagos, Nigeria


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