Man is not God

Gone are those days when we were told that the only thing man cannot make is breath or heart. We were told that man cannot “equal” God in that regards. *deep sigh* But now, we see man making man and giving it heart and breath, well it might not be as exact as God makes them, but man does make man now and makes him live and even add more years to his existence on earth. Call it technology or anything; man now makes man!

I must say confidently that that does not make man equal God in anyway in the sense that God is still no man and man can never be God.

My paddy Ojeabulu Justin Ehis says “It’s at night the heart really wanders … It walks deep into the past not needing any light… I know where I’ve been, but I know nothing about tomorrow.”
At that point where no man can say exactly what will happen tomorrow or what happens in a moment after now (not prediction) is that point where man cannot equal God. He’s a “force” that knows you even before you were born and where you head, which includes your tomorrow. Man can narrate the past, talk about the continuous, what about the future? He may predict it, but can never tell the future because he’s not God.

#Lesson: Trust God for your tomorrow and not man.



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