6 Reasons Every Nigerian Wants A Federal Government Job

The unemployment and underemployment situation in Nigeria can never be over-emphasized. The available jobs are quickly shared among close family members and friends leaving average Nigerian who meritoriously deserves it with nothing but frustration. The last fatal NIS recruitment in 2014 was a glaring reminder of how much the government needs to do to create jobs for the youths. Even in the eyes of unemployment, Nigerians still have preference; they prefer a Federal Government job. In this piece, INFORMATION NIGERIA has summed up 6 C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_untitled(1).pngreasons why this is so…
Job security: Very few privately owned businesses can give the kind of job security, a government job gives. It is known fact that many private businesses are one man businesses, which means only the interest of the owner is paramount. On the average, private employees are nearly three times as likely to lose their jobs than public employees.

Vacations: Some one man businesses will drain the life and hope out of you – Giving one person a job meant for 3 persons, yet, there is no guarantee for leave or holidays. Federal employees not only get leaves when they are due but are also paid during those periods. Every public holiday is observed by them but some private companies skip some public holidays and make their workers work on those days.

Beneficial schemes: Federal Government employees enjoy a whole lot of beneficial schemes, e.g health scheme. Private workers on the other hand are paid just their salaries without any extra benefits.

Training: Some private companies do send out their staffs for training, but federal government employees enjoy a more robust training programme. With this kind of training, the worker has the opportunity to move up the ladder in government, and elsewhere. An internal Merit Promotion Program helps ensure that once you are in and doing a good job, you will have easy access to information about job openings within government.

Retirement benefit: Federal employees tend to have the option to retire earlier than their private sector counterparts. There is what is known as pension in which the employee receives a set amount and is paid to the person through out his/her lifetime.

Stability: The business of government is continues. Unlike in the private sector where companies could just fold up, government never does. Except in cases of extreme economic crunch and privatization. Incessant laying off of workers is less prevalent in government jobs than in private ones.

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