Men: 10 Ways to Show Her You Really Love Her

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Misunderstandings are bound to arise in relationships but it doesn’t mean you love your partner lesser than you used to, but necessary to always remind that special one in your life that you love them no matter what happens.

For men who have special women in their lives, sometimes she may feel like she isn’t loved and is being taken for granted, it is necessary to pay her some attention so she knows that you really appreciate her every day.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are 10 ways to show her you love her

1. Show her you are listening

Especially when she’s trying to have a conversation with you

2. Compliment her

Be specific so she knows how serious you are

3. Be respectful to her

Talk to her with respect, don’t make her feel like she isn’t important.

4. When she asks for your help, don’t accept grudgingly

Even if you can’t do it, let her know why and maybe proffer a better solution to her problems

5. Put an effort into looking good

Scruffiness isn’t attractive, bath, shave and smell good just for her.

6. Admit when you are wrong

Honesty and openness will really be appreciated by her. She sees your flaws and loves you despite them.

7. Be supportive

When she set on doing what matters to her, root for her, it means a lot in your relationship.

8. Be considerate

Make decisions with her in mind. Ask her opinion, even if you don’t take it.

9. Plan a trip together

Go away together to a place you can spend time.


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