Fear of the Second Coming

Back in my closet,
An experience paralysed me with fear.
In a deep dark night held in my bed
‘throw the window curtains open
Laying stretched in the bed’s embrace
Gazing at the stars dropped
Peeping at the passing clouds.
Some stars dropped and evaporated.
Clouds gathered to form different
imaginable creations.
Something I had enjoyed doing
Since when ‘m little.
Suddenly, my eyes caught a ray
Of white lighters descending from
I got cold and frozen,
Fear ceased my soul
As the light moved from side to side.
It’s searching for us, I thought,
A sinner that I am, convinced:
This was the Messiah, the son of man.
This is the longed awaited second
I screamed till my lungs hurt.
Quick reflection: “He’ll come like a thief
at night and take the righteous with
What about me, a sinner?
“Hey, wake up son it’s just a search
light.” My father said….


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