Cameron steps down praising ‘Strong and Stable’ Theresa May

  • After six years in office,  David Cameron is stepping down as British Prime Minister.

Britain is a stronger country today than in 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron said, praising his successor as he traveled to Buckingham Palace to offer his resignation to the Queen.

There can be “no doubt our economy is much stronger,” than when he entered Downing Street, Cameron said outside the famous door of Number 10.


His successor, Theresa May, will offer “strong and stable leadership” as Britain prepares for negotiations to leave the European Union, Cameron said.

Cameron said he was “delighted that for the second time in British history the new prime minister will be a woman, and once again a Conservative.”

“It has been the greatest honour of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years and to serve as leader of my party over 11 years,” he said.

“And as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that I love so very much.”

After concluding, Cameron left Downing Street and headed with his family to Buckingham Palace.

After a brief meeting between Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II, the palace issued a statement confirming that he had tendered his resignation, which was accepted.


May then arrived at the palace to ask the monarch’s permission to form a government.

Earlier, Cameron made his final appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, winning a standing ovation from lawmakers in his governing Conservative Party.

He signed off by reflecting simply, “I was the future once.”

Live Coverage: Live Coverage: David Cameron Resigns as British Prime Minister

Source: Bloomberg


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