American Express is suing Lil Wayne over a delinquent bill

lil2This summer has not been that great for Young Weezy. Just a few weeks ago, he was hospitalized for the second time after a severe seizure, now he’s suffering a seizure of his cash. Young Money apparently has an outstanding bill from American Express, and it is not just a simple missed payment. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne owes American Express an astonishing amount of money: $86,396.75 to be exact.

In a lawsuit filed this week, AMEX states that Weezy has not paid his bill in over 6 months and is suing for the full amount of the bill plus late fees and legal fees. Fortunately for Lil Wayne, the bill is not the largest amount he’s had to cough up. Back in 2014 a private jet company sued Weezy for a whopping $2 million. He did not pay up and last November his mansion was raided. He still owed $1.5 million and needed to take out a loan to get the company off of his tattooed back.

American Express isn’t the only recent lawsuit for Lil Wayne. Last month, he put his hands around a bouncer’s neck outside of an LA nightclub for a BET Awards after party. Now the bouncer has filled a lawsuit against the rapper. With everything that has been going on with Weezy, we can understand why the Carter V has not dropped yet.

Source: TMZ


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