Odd sense of ego

The fact that your idea or perception differs from other fellows does not invalidate or depict inappropriate others’ perception. Treating others harshly or making them feel demoralized shouldn’t be your duty.

Feeling right does not make other person wrong, as we all make our senses differently. Our various perception contribute to the essence of life.

Just leave me to think differently if I wish. That is what makes life beautiful and much interesting to live.

Learn to be you!

Being powerful or stronger does not make you right, we are human being first before we become what we are or what we tagged ourselves.

It is unfortunate that our society is flooded with people who live their life in the ego of their mind and expect every other person to accord them what they feel they deserve, not minding how convenient it is for the other person. They immediately turn slave to their pride and temper when they couldn’t get what the wanted.

Their pride rules from the dark blind naive and cruel corner that tend not to acknowledge the struggle, feelings and respect of their “victim,” they just vet their anger that controls them on their victim, a disrespect to the Creator.

Verbal abuse, body condemnation, disapproving someone for their size, shape, thought, their definition of what’s sexy and what’s not shouldn’t take over your thought, as nothing seems universal any longer. The world has become relative.

Why not let reasoning guide our thoughts, in stead of your definition of morality, race, religion, etc?

Why treat the other person the way you won’t want to be treated?

Always remember Karma is no respecter of anybody.


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