How best to break up sexual relationship using social media: Convo of two lovers

A Ghanaian-based man shared a long Whatsapp conversation he had with his girlfriend before their breakup on social media through blogger and it sounds so funny.

Apparently, during their 4 years plus relationship, his girlfriend blocked him on all Social Media, as they only communicated through his brother’s Whatsapp and phone calls.

He also revealed during their courtship, they never had sex, but he suspects she’s been banging other guys.

Read the convo below:

Hello yaba…i just broke up with my girlfriend today and she never admits she was wrong so i wanted to share some our break up chats so that my fellow guys won’t make such mistakes i made choosing a wrong girl. Please hide my identity thank you

I don’t care if they bash me with insults but i will be happy if one person out of 2.4m can learn something from this and the ladies should stop collecting money from guys guys when they know that they don’t love them, i know they will say it’s only broke guys that says women like money buh that’s not true rather it’s stingy and greedy guys


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